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  1. well I grew bud from seeds i got from middies (weeds wit seeds, bad quality) and the females turned out pretty bad (but it was because i didnt use good lighting and not good enough care). My questoin is, if i grow these seeds and i have females, and i grew them professionaly as in using high power lights and CO2 and everything, will the quality be high quality weed? (at least KB, as in dank but not FUNK) i know there are strains of weeds that are famous but my friend told me that although most weeds will not be as good as brand name weeds, it depends on how its grown by the grower that the quality changes. so is it possible to get good weed out of bad seeds? if its females?
  2. midds are just terribly taken care of buds. you gotta remember cannabis has been on the planet forever, all the strains that exist today are just crosses of whats already here. grow those seeds with care man, it might not grow out to be the worlds craziest skunkmaster kush x pineapple purple haze, but im willing to bet if you baby those *girls* they will be some primo smoke. seems to me though that if you've got the cash to drop on a proper setup you might as well spend the extra 20-30 bucks on genetics you find appealing.
  3. that was a very logical answer and i believed that to be the answer in my head. peoploe are very hyped about name brands so alot of my friends (who are not experts by no means) kept telling me mids can never be good....but i would definatley spend money for a better seeds but i live in US so i cant buy them anywhere....if u know anywhere it would be great to know
  4. yes unfortunately in the US you have to sketchily order them online..a good site to try is drchronic.com, their selection is huge. ive got arjan's haze#3 on the way:smoke:

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