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I agree that cannabis is a drug, but it shouldn't be considered one much like alcohol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crystal ship, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. This is just a response to all the posters here that claim cannabis is just a plant and not a drug.

    It most definitely is a drug, but certainly everyone here must agree on the fact that is shouldn't be considered one much like alcohol and tobacco.

    I believe that if the people in charge wish to keep referring to marijuana as drug, then they should also refer to alcohol and tobacco as a drug too. Fair enough?
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    Cannabis is only a drug in the sense that it intoxicates you and alters your perception(not neccesarily in a bad way :wink: ). Not in a way like ANY other drug is though, not like sugar, caffeine, pills[rx or OTC], alcohol, OR tobacco. All of those drugs create a physical dependancy. Where as cannabis can only be mentally addictive.

    I say everything is a drug. See someone drink a coffee/soda? Smoke a cigar[ette]? Have a beer or pop a Tylenol?
    All DRUGS^!!! they should be reffered to as drugs, but when people hear drugs they only think of the "illegal dangerous" ones
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    People who say cannabis is a plant and not a drug are stupid. they are both. a drug is a substance that affects the processes of the mind and/or body. Weed, caffeine, tobacco, etc affect the processes of the mind and/or body. the word drug is not just given to things that are addictive. Tylenol is a drug but it is not physcial addictive.
  4. I totally agree with everything you guys have said...weed is a drug, but the stigma behind the word "drug" is what gives it the bad reputation. Weed is often grouped into the same category as heroin, meth, coke, crack, etc. when a drug, in it's real meaning, is anything that alters your mind/physical body. Even though it's one of the least harmful drugs out there, it's still a drug. But, to put this in perspective, caffeine is a drug, too. ;)
  5. it's not harmless...stop living in a dream world my friend ;) when abused pot can be just as harmful to the psyche as alcohol...
  6. people usually associate drug with having negative effects, not the real definition. and since the war on drugs started in the 60s it just added to the negativity to the term. i'm half with you on the alcohol part, no it shouldn't be regulated like alcohol law wise, but we need to compare it to something so we can get it legalized and since cigarettes don't alter perspective and alcohol does...
  7. anything that alters your body chemistry is a drug, people need to understand that their are varying levels of seriuosness to each. to me mj is a drug but no worse than beer and much better than cigs. i never had a buddy smoke some weed then start a fist fight because someone looked at him wrong.

    and i'm not even going to compare it to meth or junk like that its not even close to the same.

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