I absolutely hate cowards.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lenny., Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Really? I took one of my brother's projects [he buys fixes and sells] to work today. Between 12pm and 1pm someone fucked the shit up.

    No note, no insurance card, no one came in and said "Hey who owns the Acura TL I just hit it and I'm here to take responsibility for my actions"


    Where's all the broken pieces of the brake light? Did he fucking take the time to sweep it up?

    I hate people. Hate them. $250 outta my pocket.
    I doubt the person who hit me is on this forum, but if you are, and you know who you are. I have a police report. There's surveillance cameras. And I'm gonna physically take the money we are owed out of your ass.

    This is actually the first time I've been victim of a hit and run.
    Please feel welcome to share your hit and run stories.
  2. Lololololololol your pissed right?
  3. Damn bro that sucks. Hopefully you get this fucker cuz I know I'd be pissed if I were in your situation.
  4. Fuckin goons nowadays :gone:
  5. I know who did it.

  6. Hell yeah I'm pissed who wouldn't be pissed
  7. first world problems>
  8. Damn thats a nice TL too... Damn... Lol :smoke:
  9. So OP...

  10. i think they had balls just committing a hit and run like that. definitely not a coward.
  11. That's not cowardice, that's frugality.
  12. maybe cowards hate you?
  13. I hate people who fuck with other peoples cars.
  14. 250? thats ridiculous
    get clear red tape.
    i hope it all works out.

    i backed into someone and now i cant afford to drive.

    i gave up if i fuck up just a little its going to cost 500 deduct
    and a lot of its cosmetic.
    sucks a tail light is that much

  15. 250 is just what I'm paying for the cost to fix it. Afterall, the car is getting resold. Who wants to buy a jacked up TL? Not me. Nope.
  16. Well if he can't sell this car, and then can't afford to pay rent which means I have to pay all of it which I can't afford then I go broke and can't afford bills and shit. All because of someone's cowardly actions.

    Not affording to live ain't a first world problem, bro
  17. sorry bro i was in a rush
  18. I feel you. Someone keyed my car and I don't know who it was, when or why they did it. I haven't done shit to anyone, and I get keyed. But at least its just one line, my neighbor has a much nicer car and someone carved X's on all his doors. Fuck cowards.
  19. dude thats pretty weak not gonna enable you to drive

  20. Drives fine. Effects the resale $$$. Which is partly how $$$ comes into my house and I survive. Not just a dent on a car. That's what upsets me the most. People can't own up to their actions.

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