I <3 oranges

Discussion in 'General' started by Dying Giraffe, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. I started thinking about this the other day, because I love oranges, but I probably eat something like the equivalent of 7 oranges a day.

    I have 2 glasses of orange juice with every meal.

    I drink orange juice randomly between meals.

    I take 3 or so oranges from my dining hall for late night munchies.

    I dunno, I just think they are so good. To me, they are fruit, perfected.

  2. i love oranges esp when im stoney. oj, is awesome in the morning after a good nights drinking too
  3. You are less than 3 oranges?
  4. i love oranges. my grandma lives in florida and grows her own and their amazing honeybell oranges..... they make the best oj ive ever had

  5. That's what i first thought too, haha

    Yeah, oranges are dope, they come in a pretty crazy color,got their own packaging, and have bomb ass individual sections. Sweet, juicy, squishy, hell yeah oranges are the rizzly shizzle when it comes to stonerfood, that and the peels double as citrus air fresheners, just leave em alying around and your pad will smell all orangey.

    I put peels in my bong too, i do water on the bottom, then ice, then orange peels on top of the ice above the water.

    Oh yeah, and "what rhymes with orange?


  6. Well, according to Witchypoo on HR Puffenstuff, apparently
    it's "Porange". If memory serves.
  7. Orange rhymes with Door Hinge....


  8. I love oranges as well. My soccer coach always keeps them for us to have on our water breaks. They're just perfect for that type of thing.

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