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  1. Ive only grown in soil . Why does all the hydro seyuos come with 2gallon buckets ? I use 5gallon for soil. Also then the roots grow into the little nets how do you get the roots out if it?
  2. hey man, so... im gonna answer the best i can.

    so first off, netpots are what we usually use, with hydroton being the red rock filling them. stick a rockwool cube in the middle, with your seed inside, water every so often and watch er grow :)

    so... 2 gallon buckets.... eh, forget about it. you wanna use 5gal to flower with hydro. you'll get a much better root system, and there for a much better plant and bigger/more buds!

    i dunno what hydro systems you were looking at, but it'd recognmend making your own bubbler, and buying the above mentioned things and the rest from a hydro shop locally or online.

    for one plant, get a 5gal bucket, throw in an airstone planted to the btm of the bucket, the pump on the outside :) cut a hole in the lid for the netpot to hang, and then just keep on the nutes schedule

    you dont need to get the roots outta the pot until after you chop and harvest... then you'll just pull/cut them out and trash em. the idea is to grow in the netpot, and then transport that around to watever bucket your using... maybe a bigger bucket w/ lots of netpots to veg, mmmm.. that is before they get too big, and the roots entangle.. bad times. check out some hydro journals, and see what they did...

    anyway, hope that answers. peace
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  3. Yea that helped alot thanks. +rep

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