Hyperarc 1100 watt HPS bulb - Anyone using or used it??

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by norml56, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. This is a fairly new single ended bulb and I was just wondering if anyone out in the city has been running it? I just purchased one and the specs on this thing are out of this world for a single ended HPS. beats even DE lamps running at 1150 watts. the spectrum of light is even better than traditional HPS. lot broader spectrum with much higher reds. If anyone has been running one do they run as hot as a regular 1k HPS single ended bulb or is it more like a 1k DE bulb? the heat is my only worry right now.
    178,000 lumen
    PPF - 2,380 umol/sec
  2. Running at 1100 would run hotter than at 1k, would work good when overdriving your ballast.

    I've done that with hortilux hps and my phantom 2 digital ballast , but a bulb designed to work and spec at 1100 could only be better,.. but there will be more heat.
    Also, DE bulbs and hoods have to run hotter to work correctly..
    I'm running a 600 watt mh DE and 1k SE hps dimmed at 750w side by side in a 4x4 box..

    Too much is never enough!

    My version of a dual arc ~ at 1350w..

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  3. Been running it for about 3 days now and just doing the back of the hand test it feels cooler and my tent feels cooler overall Vs. my previous 1k MH bulb. maybe MH runs at a hotter temp... I'm pretty happy with this bulb so far. If the specs are true I'll stick with them.
  4. Plants appear to be loving this new bulb. Almost thinking I should pick up a spare while they are still on sale.
  5. I am the first inventor of such lamp, see attached report ,page 1 and 2 are DE , page 3 is E39 type. 2278.7 umol/s at 991.5w with 40.03% blue light. If work at 1100w, the PAR will be 2278.7/991.5x1100=2528umol/s .
    So who made it better?

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  6. The one I can buy and use made it better...
  7. Haha....unfortunately I don't have agent in USA, need time to find suitable one.
  8. Haha....unfortunately I don't have agent in USA, need time to find suitable one.
  9. Where did you grab it from I see one for 70 something bucks

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  10. Hydro builder. I just won another one in a raffle

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