Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Okay, so if anyone has seen Rob and Big or heard of Stephen Gibbs knows this is some crazy shit about time travel. I was looking around on forums and people really take this shit seriously. One man was selling his set for 250$ or 350$ with all the extra stuff.

    I got a new gibbs HDR, with vortex (ghost) EMF detector, with two crystals.
    $250, ships now. call me for more details. its new!
    comes with easy to follow instructions as well, unlike the manule.
    unit plus two double quartz crystals ($15 value each)
    Ghost finder worm hole / vortex detector ($40 value)
    orignal manule, plus my simlified instructions,
    thin dowsing rods


    I found the inventers phone number so I might try to call him if I get all ripped out tonight. this is some heavy shit. ahahahahaha
  2. yeah some heavy bullshit man
  3. Damn, I think Ill buy it then travel back in time to kick my own ass for being stupid enough to buy one.

    I wonder if this is just a well played joke on the part of Gibbs. He has made a nice chunk of change off of those and he has a gang of dorks who worship him. By acting crazy he sort of realeses himself from any liability regarding the hdr.

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