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  1. I just got a shitload of hydroxyzine 25mg

    I know its like valium or so the doctor said

    how many should I take?

    anyone heard of these?
  2. http://forum.grasscity.com/general/176927-hydroxyzine.html

    Basically it's a very mild sedative, and barely any recreational use except that it will increase the effects of opiates and possibly benzos. I found a whole bottle myself, i've takin only 100 mgs, couldn't even tell ya if i felt the mild sedation
  3. damn thanks man

    I did have 2mg valiums then he gave me these im going to call him tomorrow and see if he will give me ativan
  4. yeah i was on 2mg vals for a long time. They suck i know, and so do these. If you're doc will give you a scrip to ativan you're gonna be a lucky man. I can't even get xan
  5. yeah I realy do need them though I have trouble sleeping at night thinking about the next day n shit all sorts of shit weed helps alot though :D
  6. yeah thats me as well.. i dont sleep cause im constantly worrying. I'm a very anxious person with plenty of panic attacks but of course they just say here's another antidepressant that also helps with anxiety, Zoloft. Got put on it yesterday, and its just like how many of these things are they gonna try on me until they realize they don't work. The only thing that's ever helped my anxiety are benzo's and weed.

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