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  1. I'm studying up on the hydroponic system for indoor growth. In particular the bubble bucket method.My big drawback is in size of the setup. A 3.5 gallon bucket is pretty tall, much taller than a indoor soil set-up. My currnt set-up is limited in height, and I don't want to build a new configuration. What would be the approximate height requirements for a 3.5 gallon bubble bucket set-up with the plant at maturity?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I agree with critter on the rectangular pots, i know of two kinds which are 4.5 and 6 liters. For hydro this is more than enough. I myself use ready made slabs without pots, if you can get them in the US?. The slabs are only 7.5 cm in height. Normally I grow my plants only for two days and then flower them for eight weeks. At the end they are 2 feet (60 cm) high. For a hydro system you do need to make a drain.
  3. You have indicated 2 DAYS growth.. then 8 weeks flowering.

    Plants at end of growth cycle 2 foot tall.

    This sounds most interesting.
    Although the plant is small I would assume you get relative yield?

    How wide do your plants get?
    Do you lay them out like a SOG or give them lots of room?

    I have started a little grow with both hydro and potting soil, I am interested in increasing yield and quality, it appears the quality factor will be the same for soil as for hydro BUT the time to complete is dramaticlly less with hydro if in fact the 2 day growth you indicate is correct.

    How does the size and amount of roots relate towards hydro grow?
    The more the roots the better? I would assume so for nutrient and water absortion.
    If more roots are good the larger the Nutrient pot the better? or doesn't this matter because the high avaibilty of nurients , O2 , and water.

    Best Regards.

  4. Hi Mow2....this thread is over 3 years old....BPP is long gone....im not sure what you want......if you need help with your hydro grow post it in the advanced growing forum......laters jay

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