Hydroponics vs. Soil

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dudecheese, Aug 5, 2008.

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    I'm going to be starting my first real grow very soon. I'm going to try and start it in a homemade stash box dimensions 3wx3dx4h. I have the lights and everything already, I just want to know what would be better for me to try and start for having dense plants.

    I've had gardens my whole life, not ever marijuana, but just regular vegetable bearing plants. I know soil, very well. I understand drainage, and airation. I understand the ph levels on it, and I'm very good at making, perfect soil, with normal mixes. For example, worm castings, perlite, bat gueno, and other normal mixes. The thing is I've seen huge, dense buds come from hydro, I've never done it. It looks simple, but I don't know which is better, or how complicated it could become.

    I'd hate to start a crop, and because of something simple lose it. So help please, in the enviroment I'm trying, what is best?:confused:
  2. I don't think it would make much of a difference given the size of your grow area, and since you are already very experience with soil seems like the best option.

    maybe try a 1 plant hydro setup on a legal plant in your normal grow area and see how it goes, all I know about hydro is if something goes wrong and you are not there to attend to it within hours the plants can die, well technically thats not something I know, but have heard of :D
  3. you should try coco. it's like soil but you feed like hydro. the growth is amazing.
  4. Coco??? can someone elaborate on this?

    The Duck.
  5. how about trying the search bar ^^^
  6. oops, cheers anyway
  7. hydroponics u have more things to worry about, like if ur pump fails on the watering, within hours ur plants can die, soil however holds water so u can go days at a time between waterings. Hydroponics gives more yeid from what i heard.

    i would suggest u watch Mr.Greens I Grow Chroinc video on youtube, its a DIY for hydroponic growing, teachs everying from making a grow room, to cloning, and harvesting

  8. here's some coco info. it's coconut husks that are ground down. it looks/smells like soil, but is to be grown in like hydroponics. you feed every day. read this;

    is a product derived from the husks of the coconut.
    Visually it looks like peat.
    It's air capacity is about 30%.
    Coir is most suited as a run to waste medium.
    Coir can become saturated and it is not truly inert medium.
    This means that the nutrient will change over a short period (due to the nutrient collecting micro and macro elements as it passes through the coir.
    Coir tends to release potassium and to withold calcium.
    For this reason it is desirable to use a nutrient that is blended specifically for coir.
    Coir has a remarkable capacity to protect the plants root system in times of heat.
    It also tends to promote vigorous and healthy root development.
    Plant growth tends to be very consistant with coir.
    Coir is very tolerant of over and under watering, which makes it a very forgiving growing medium.
    Coir has a very strong cation exchange ability, which means it can hold and release nutrient elements based on the plants needs.
    Coir tends to retain nutrient salts. because of this, less nutrient (lower ec) is required.
    On a less positive note, coir can also contain high levels of sodium (salt)....
    If your growing in coir be aware that this can be a potential problem.
    Either purchase a pre-flushed coir product or flush ph (5.5-6.0) stabilised water through the coir prior to use.
    Measure the ec of the water and then measure the ec of the run off.
    When they are the same, it is ready for use.
    Large amounts of potassium are naturally present in coir.
    Potassium competes with calcium and magnesium... buffering and plant nutrition needs to compensate for this!!
    For this reason there are several nutrients that are specifically formulated with the coco coir's unique characteristics in mind.
    By using a nutrient specifically formulated for the coir based system, you are ensuring that your plants are receiving the best possible nutritient package.
  9. soil is best.
    as you said you dont want to get 1/2 way through a grow and your hydro set up gives you problems whereas your soil grow is more forgiving & i believe produces a better quality smoke(just my opinion guys:))

    yes hydro can produce bigger yields but quality or quantity ,what do you prefer?

    whatever way you go ,all the best:smoking:

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