Hydroponics vs. Soil

Discussion in 'General' started by dudecheese, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I'm going to be starting my first real grow very soon. I'm going to try and start it in a homemade stash box dimensions 3wx3dx4h. I have the lights and everything already, I just want to know what would be better for me to try and start for having dense plants.

    I've had gardens my whole life, not ever marijuana, but just regular vegetable bearing plants. I know soil, very well. I understand drainage, and airation. I understand the ph levels on it, and I'm very good at making, perfect soil, with normal mixes. For example, worm castings, perlite, bat gueno, and other normal mixes. The thing is I've seen huge, dense buds come from hydro, I've never done it. It looks simple, but I don't know which is better, or how complicated it could become.

    I'd hate to start a crop, and because of something simple lose it. So help please, in the enviroment I'm trying, what is best?:confused:
  2. hydro is very demanding. i wouldnt recommend it for a first time grow. It has it's complications. if you know soil that well, you should be able to produce phat buds just the same in it. hydro is for the advanced grower usualy. there are a few systems out there that demand little attention but most require alot of work. I would grow my main harvest in soil and set up 1 or 2 plants to play with getting used to a hydro system till you work out the kinks then go for the gold. Itd be a shame to lose a whole crop to one mishap with the water set up than 1 or 2 to experimenting till you have the system figured out. Each system will work differently so when you pick one and learn it keep to it or play around using a few at a time.. For now keep your main harvest in the dirt. under the right conditions a dirt harvest can be just as fruitful as a hydro harvest.
  3. youd prolly get better and more responses if you posted in the growing section....just a tip...posting in the CORRECT forums usually leads to the answers you seek
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  4. Go soil for your first grow. Less variables, bud can be just as good.
  5. thanks for the advice.

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