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  1. hi im new to hydroponics and im going to be starting a dwc bubble bucket and i wanted to know if u just add a fill line to ur bucket and maintain the water at that level and just add more nutes every week?
  2. I run a hydro drip method . I keep track of the ppm's. If my water level gets low I top off accordingly . But once a week I'll let the buckets get really low the I'll mix a new batch of fresh water and nutes.
  3. so at the end of each week i should empty my bucket and add new water and nutes?
  4. do you ph correct your water before you put the nutes in and the water u top off do u correct the ph of that to?
  5. Yes I use aquaflakes and that's their direction.
  6. tested the ph of my water source its 7.5 from the tap
  7. [quote name='"bdm80"']tested the ph of my water source its 7.5 from the tap[/quote]

    You want the ph to be between 6.5-7.0 and with nutes added that may go way up depending on what your using.
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  9. 6.5 is good for soil but higher then that like 7 is not good and 5.7 is optimal for hydro

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