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  1. i've been considering doing some hydroponics but i have a few questions.

    First, if i were to make the bubble bucket design, would I need another resevoir for my water? couldn't i just use the bucket with the roots in it as its own resevoir, draining and refilling it periodically.

    If I am able to do this, about how often would I need to flush the system and change the nutrient/water solution?

  2. Search for this on google or YouTube
  3. Sound like a deep water culture to me. Changing the water everyweek...dont forget your plants are going to drink aswell so you might have to fill up with water every 3-4 days!
  4. In a single bucket system, the bucket is sufficient for a reservoir. It is nice to have a second bucket as a control bucket, to make nute adjustments and water changes more effectively. The control bucket also allows you to keep the grow bucket stationary, which allows for LST/Scrog.
  5. Thanks, I didn't realize what it was called. I should have just googled it a bit more.

    I just so happen to come upon a large mini-fridge that doesn't work anymore. I figure I'll strip out the cooling parts of it (and possibly part of the door so I have more room) and start a hydroponic operation in there.

    Anyone know of a strong adhesive that's water-resistant and wont degrade in water, putting impurities in it?

    I'm thinking about making the container for the roots by basically closing off the bottom part (door side) of the fridge with a sheet of something. Then making some sort of lid for with a hole or two cut in it for the plant(s). Any ideas of how I should go about this? Or should I just get a container of some sort? I'm trying to use all the space possible.
  6. I believe it is best to change it every 10 days. Yes you use just the bucket no reservoir.
  7. not sure about the bubble bucket thing but if you want to see a minifridge in action check out the links in my sig. #2 is the better one =)

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