Hydroponic Nutrients with soil?

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    Is there any reason why I couldnt use hydroponic nutrients in soil? And if so would I use the same mix ratios?

    Im kind of stuck right now :confused:
  2. you can, but hydro nutes are usally ph balanced low because hydro runs a lower ph value then soil grows. so you would probably be raising the ph quite a bit to maintain a stable grow. easier to just get soil nutes.
  3. any advise on those soil nutes? have a 20gal reservoir that feeds 10 plants in soil.
  4. I use fox farm big grow, then follow it up later on in 12/12 with tiger bloom and big bloom mixed, use some unsulfered molasses with it also throughout the whole flowering period.
  5. I am a commercial hydroponics grower and I also grow soil crops, all indoors in greenhouses. I use hydroponic nutrient once a week or so in my soil grown crops. I use an Anderson injector to irrigate all of my soil grown plants, adjusting the ammount of fertalizer and acid for pH control as needed. The plants seem to really appreciate the hydroponic nutrient, it makes them even greener than our standard greenhouse feed does.

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