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  1. Im making a hydroponic system out of a 3 gallon bucket.(http://www.1stmarijuanagrowerspage.com/hydroponics-3.html)

    For my hydroponic nutrients, i bought the Flora Series which consists of Flora Micro, Flora Grow, and Flora Bloom. I bought it off of eBay and i didnt get instructions with it. What i need to know is how much of what type of nutrient do i add in each stage of my plant's growth. I would like a response from people who used the Flora series in their hydroponic system so i can see what they did.

    I seriously need a smoke.
  2. This is GH's nutrient calculator, it shows different amounts of individual G-M-B to add to your system at different stages of growth. It will help dial you in on your feeding schedule:


    I personally use the Lucas Formula;


    It uses 2 of the 3 Flora Products. When used according to Lucas, you don't need the Grow formula, the combination of Micro and Bloom has enough nitrogen.
  3. GH"s flora series are good starter nutrients. That's what I started with.

    I found out about Advanced Nutrients 3-part on this forum and decided to give it a try and that's what I used ever since. It works the same as GH's flora series, just better. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but I have less pH issues and the reservoir is a LOT cleaner at each change.

    For all practical measures it's the same as using flora series, just easier. AN's three part even works with the Lucas formula.

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