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  1. So I'm just about ready to start my bubble bucket grow, however I am missing just a few more things I need to get going. I have 1 question that no one can seem to give me a forward answer.

    * I am going to use General Hydroponics 3-step Flora

    How many GALLONS ,per plant, of nutrients will I need from start to finish?
    How many GALLONS of each of the three steps do I need.

    Main reason I am asking this is because I don't want to run out before the process is over (that just wouldn't be cool) and I don't want to order anything. This weekend I am driving 2 hours to the closest hydroponic store to purchase the last few things I need to get , nutrients being one, so I can get my babies growin'!

    Well I'll let my noob'ness break out and ask a second question just in case I smoke too much on my little road trip.

    How much hydroton should I buy?
  2. Just order from discount-hydro.com it comes with a chart that tells you exactly how much you need per gallon. and just get a gallon ziplock bag full of the rocks.
  3. Thanks for trying but that goes against exactly why I asked. I am NOT going to order anything(still, if I did order nutrients to obtain that chart....well, I wouldn't know how much to order. Haha) . However, I am going out of town to a hydro store this weekend.

    *would still love the answer to my question----}

    How many gallons of nutrients do I need, per plant (of each phase {micro, grow, bloom}) to grow from start to finish????

    From what I see they have it packaged from( 1 pint to 6 gallons )

    I am a logical person and am sure that they could give me an answer in-store, but I'd rather know what I need so I can get in and get out and know I have enough money.

    Come on GC! I have faith in all of you. Help me out!
  4. To be sure my question is clear: I am asking how many gallons of nutrients( per plant/ per cycle {micro/flower/bloom}) I need to keep on hand throughout the growing process to be sure I have enough and don't run out. I am not asking how to apply those nutrients.

  5. That all depends on how many plants, how big your pots are, what type of system you are using, are you going to use full strength or not...a lot of factors play into how much nutrient solution you need to buy.

  6. I understand. I provided the site but I will link you to their starter kit which contains everything you need and a few extras, I've been told it will last one grow season by someone that has used it before. I believe they had 4 plants. if you do run out though I'm pretty sure you could use water soluble fertilizer to hold you over, however don't take my word for it because I don't know for sure. I also answered because I figure it would be cheaper and less trouble to just order from this site. I believe you said you were gonna have to drive 2 hours to the closest store. Shipping is only $10. The kit is $31.
    Technaflora B.C Recipe for Success Starter Kit - Discount Hydroponics

    this comes with the chart to measure everything with aswell as their entire catalog for everything you need hydro. However, if you are still unsure and don't want to take my word for it you could always email them and ask how long it should last with however many " plants " you plan on having. hope this helps
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    Good stuff. Thanks much n3rd. A good guesstimate was what I really needed.I am not in a place where I can order anything. I wasn't sure that they would provide nutrients in "kits".Thanks again for your input.
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  9. unfortunately that kit will not go through a full cycle. From veg to harvest. It only gives you little pints. of the main nutrients. Good luck!
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    Said, F it. Got a gallon of each. I'll figure it out from there. Thanks man. Peace

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