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  1. Got a Hydroponic question? Got suggestions for beginners? Well Here's the place to post it. Post any questions, suggestions or grow experience here.

    I guarentee I will do my best, so that all your questions will be answered in this thread!

    If any other growers want to add opinnions or comments, or answer any of the questions posted. By all means do so!

  2. how much water do you put in the bubble bucket?
  3. heres a question, im going to go DWC, but the thought of nutrients is scaring me.
    now if i look for some, say "terra flores or ionic or sensi grow" it seems to me like its
    straight forward? i mean, there labled up as "grow/veg & bloom/flower...
    does this mean, whilst vegitating the plant the plant i use just "veg/grow" nutrients & once i change cycle to flower, i empty & change fluids over to "bloom/flower" nutrients?

    im not sure if i worded this correct, but from what i have seen on nutrient sites, it seems to me its as easy as that, grow nuts whilst in veg & bloom whilst in flower..

    am i on the correct track? if not, could you explain it to me please...
  4. Sure. :)

    How many air (not oxygen) bubbles (having an average (although you may assume for the sake of this calculation that it is consistent) diameter of 1.8mm) would need to break the surface of a cylinder of water (350mm Diameter x 300mm Deep) per minute, in order to keep that volume of water at its maximum dissolved Oxygen content level of 9.08mg/l, taking into account reservoir temperatures, air pressure, and Electrical Conductivity which (again, for the purposes of the question), you may assume to be constant at 22 Degrees, 1028 millibars and 1.2 respectively, and a usage rate by the plants of 3mg/l per hour?

    Yup. Read the Hydro Sticky Threads in the Advanced growing techniques section. ;)

    Heh, a bold statement, but will you question the questions?

    We'll see.
  5. For fresh transplanted seeds, fill water so that it just barely covers the bottom of your net pot, then as the plants and roots grow you can add less, once the rootings grow into your rez, then you can leave up to about an inch below your net pot. (Remember to use nutes according to your water level.)

    Hope that answers your question
  6. You're on the right track, each grow situation and nutrient are different.

    I use tarantula for veg, and up to 2 weeks into flowering, then switch to a bloom formula, I also use pirahana beneficial fungi throughout. I.E. you usually want to switch to a bloom formula for flowering, (the bloom formula has nutrient better suited for flowering and creating bud mass). Like I said each nutrient and formula is different, so do some research and find the nutrient that best suites your grow. Or do some experiments and let us know what you think is best.
  7. First of all air IS Oxygen (O2), all air molecules are O2 based. and you're question is really getting into chemistry and physics. To be honest i really dont want to do all the calculations to find the answer to your question. You seem intelligent enough to answer this. Since you know all the fields for calculation. Or Do you already know, and you're just testing me?

    Either way, a small air stone connected to an aquarium pump will be suffecient enough to get O2 bubbles to the top of your rez.
  8. Forgot to add this in my last post. Before i switch to my bloom formula, i like to clean my buckets and totally rid them of my veg nute, and start fresh with my bloom, so that i dont develop nute deficiencies. Which we all know can destroy a healthy plant.
  9. No it's not. Air contains Oxygen. (roughly 21% FYI)

    What? Even the Nitrogen molecules? Nope. Sorry. You're wrong.
    Air is primarily composed of 78% nitrogen, ~21% Oxygen, and 1% Argon molecules.

    Obviously, absorbtion rates will be greater with pure oxygen.

    So, there was a reason that I specified air, not oxygen bubbles, and made the distinction between the two.

    Rather than research that difference, or admit the gap in your expertise, you've spouted absolute bananas on a subject you obviously have no knowledge of whatsoever.

    N00bs be warned!

    Testing you? :eek: Why would I do that? :confused:

    Because you've held yourself up as some kind of hydro expert?

    Maybe. ;)

    It's a genuine question, although I'll admit to throwing the odd anomoly in to see if you'd pick up on it. Unsurprisingly, you didn't actually get that far.

    A prize to anyone else who can point it out. ;)

    For clarity, no it won't. It will get AIR bubbles to the top of the res.
  10. Whoops wrong thread, my bad.
  11. All I got to say is that I would go Ebb and flow before anything else, especially if a beginner. DWC grows real nice plants, but if that pumps stuff or gets unpluged for some reason, or the power goes out.. the Big pretty plants drowns in an hour or two. I literally threw all my bubble buckets out. Flood and drain is just so much easier, with it flooding 3-4 times a day, if it doesn't kick on you may deal with dehydration, but not drowning. And a fairly dehydrated plant can come back.. A Drowned one won't..

    Other than that, I would just advise that you do hydro, and not be scared, it's way easier, funner, and faster to grow, most of the time yeilding more than soil. Just keep an eye on your resevior temps if you have a warm room, Keep the P.H a consistent 5.7-6.0. and use a Veg/Bloom nute like PureBlendPro or something, not some crazy mixture of complicated stuff for you to jack up.. I use Botanicare's pureblendpro veg/bloom with flood tables and have found that the recommendation on the back for how much to add is right on with most strains I've grown..

    Ha! and I started with "all I have to say is"...I guess I had more to say than that.. not that anyone cares... ehehe
  12. Gee, some people on this board take proving people wrong to a whole new level. Kind of ridiculous, No reason to make someone feel that stupid.
  13. As I stated all air molecules are O2 Based. As in they have o2 in them as a base molecule. I said nothing about other molecules being added in.

    And in no way did i say i was an expert. I dont think there are too many Hydroponic "Experts", the people with the most expertise on the subject have had many grows, and mostly know they're facts based on their experience on the matter. As for me, I merely wanted to start a thread that people could post questions and such. And if i couldnt answer maybe someone else would. My Primary knowledge is on DWC, b/c I only use those systems. Each system is different and each system works better in different situations, DWC just works best for me and my grow situation.

    And for your question, in a bubble bucket the primary reason for having an air stone is to get oxygen (O2) to your roots so that they dont drown, well i guess they mix around the nutes in the bucket as well, but the stones do not deliver nutes to your plant, b/c the roots do that themselves by sitting in the solution.

    I DONT want to give the impression that I'm the all knowing hydroponics expert. I try to help other growers as much as i can, and hoped others would do the same in my thread.

    Sorry for the miscommunication.
  14. Oh and 22 degrees is WAY too cold for rez temp. Plants would DIE a horrible, horriffic death! Ha Ha
  15. 22 Celsius is 71 Fahrenheit.. Whoknows.
  16. Celsius or Farenheit wasnt clarified, but i assumed it was F. But yeah...
  17. well, 22F would be frozen, so I think it's safe to assume he didn't intend that :rolleyes:

    Also, not all air molecules are O2 based... please stop saying this as it's just plain incorrect. Air is a mixture of several different gases commonly occuring on this planet. Only 21% of the air you breathe is oxygen, the rest (give or take argon and some other very diluted gases) is Nitrogen. Nitrogen does NOT have O2 as a "Base molecule" because Nitrogen is it's own substance. If you add O2 you get Nitrous Dioxide, which is toxic at high concentrations.

    Moral of the story, if all air molecules had O2 as a base, then 78% of what you breathe would kill you on the spot.

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