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Hydromorph Contin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BrainDead420, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. hey i just got a hydromorph contin 24mg, time release capsule. How should these be taken? I would like to take it through the nose as I want to split it with a friend... how should this be done?

    Here's what it looks like, but is gray and 24mg.

  2. SNORT.

    Or plug.
  3. Fuck i wish the rules weren't opposed to dosage info... we both have no opiate tolerance and very little experience with them.

    any other suggestions, maybe tricking the rules alittle ? =D

    ALSO, the time release beads are VERY hard to crush and we have no access to a pestle and mortar.
  4. well i found that the best way to crush pills for me is to put em into a shotglass, then use something to crush em up with, like the back of a pen/marker, anything really
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    Yeap, we've got a shot glass and the back of a metal flashlight.

    Am i able to ask how much the dangerous snorted limit of mg's is? (If not i can edit out)

    edit.. What's smoking it like? Is there even a benefit?
  6. just start low, and work you're way up to what feels good. that shit is very potent so be careful. Personally, I've never smoked hydromorphcontin (sp?) but i know smoking Oxycontin 40s 60s or 80s works quite well.

    either way, you'll be feelin good.
  7. Stick it up your ass im not even playin you'll nod like crazy. haha.
  8. Smoked some, took some orally....

    Feelin legit :D thanks
  9. Damn. You have quite the jewel there.

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