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  1. My brother just recently got me a Hydro Farm brand hydroponic system. I'm wonderin' if any body has used this for growing .. I could use some tips, you know like pH levels and stuff. Right now I'm just growin' tomatos and cukes.....so I got the munchies part in check........Peace.
  2. pH for many hydros is normally between 5.5 to 5.8 because overall availability of nutes is greater at a slightly acidic pH. You have to watch of course to meet slight adjustments according to you plants needs...but that is easy once your comfortable with hydro....

    take a look at nightmareb's posts,,,, I think he is growing in a hydrofarm unit now,,,and I'm sure he would give you any pointers towards the system......

  3. Thanx for the heads-up. I will do that.
  4. I'm gettin a giant halide from my cousin, so I don't even know what kind it is. Like I said I've just got some veggies going now, so I'm balancing the pH w/ an overall one-step nutrient (sold by Hydro-Farm).I'm gonna check out your pages right now, and search for seeds.

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