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  1. I was just woundering if $6 for 2 hydros is alot. They are the 10mg hydros with 650mg of acetaminophen.

    I just popped both of them and smoked my last bowl before i have to goto court on 25th,

    also, do they test for hydrocodones for a fisrt drug test, because i got busted for pot.
  2. If you don't regularly do pills, you'll feel that. But it won't be that strong.

    And yes, hydrocodone will show up in a U/A. But the last bowl that you smoked will be in your system longer than those 2 pills.

    edit: Shit guy. I'm high. You weren't even asking the question I answered. Hydrocodones sell for $2-3 in my area, but not too many people even really bother with them. It's alllll about the oxycontin.

    editpart2: Fuck dude. I didn't answer you question again. Yes! They will still detect the hyrdocodone even if you just got busted with herb, assuming that your U/A is only within the next few days. I dont' know why I didn't just redo my reply. Whatever. Blazed.
  3. well i was reading on erowid and they just said that it is only tested in a extended drug test
  4. Well, one of my friends went to jail for it while he was on probation. I guess it depends for you then.

    edit: now that I think about it I've known a few people to get a dirty U/A for vics...
  5. it will for sure show up in a U/A if its not out of your system before them. I've never heard of a pisser not checking for opiates... of which hydrocodone is.

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