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  1. i have some hydrocodone (vicodin) pills with 5 mg hyrdrocodone and 500 mg tylonal, i was wondering what is the best way to take them snort, smoke, take, dissolve in water. and also if the tylonal will hurt me. i don't want my liver to die. how many should i take also. perscription is 1-2 and i weigh about 190 lbs
  2. I don't know about the tylenol, unless they have codiene I would'nt fuck wit em'. I would take about 4 of the pain pills and break em into 1/4's. Then eat a meal and take all of them, trust and be leeve you will feel great...... Like Tony the tiger son! GRRRRRREAT! JOE>
  3. Those're garbage really, unless you have a headache.

    Consider your average vicoden dose is in the range of 100-250mg

    To equate a single pill you'll need to eat tons. You'll OD on the tylonal before you get high from the vicoden
  4. You know what?

    I was entirley wrong, i did a little bit of research, just for kicks and it seems like most forms of Hydrocodone has a very high ratio of Acetaminophen.

    Here's my sources. Could hurt to do some more research for yourself.

    Apparently you have a hightened risked for brain damage when on vicoden... didn't know that before.

    Dosage Information: http://www.erowid.org/pharms/hydrocodone/hydrocodone_dose.shtml

    General Information (legal, chemistry, etc.):

  5. Dude 100mg of hydrocodone is alot. Im not sure if your talkin bout the tylenol or not though. And you wouldnt die before you got high off of vicoden. Ive gotten high off them several times before. Ive taken up to 10 1/2 of the 5/500mg ones

    Harvey: Just eat them whole or break them in half. I would start around 20-25mg of hydrocodone
  6. My bad, i meant the actual pill, not the actual dosage.

    But obviously, i was misinformed. Check the recent post. I was under the impression that it was a homogoneous medication.
  7. its a ratio mixture 5 mgs of vic to 500 of tylonal. i checked the erowid stuff but it didn't seem clear on dosage or how to take them. you just eat them? snort them? smoke them or what?
    i also have some tylonal 3s (codeine and tylonal) are those useful too?
  8. when i said die i didn't mean from vicoden. i meant from the acetemetaphen, the active ingredient in tylenol which i've heard is extremely bad for your liver especially when you're drinking. and also thanks for all the help i've been dry for about a week due to some problems with money, mainly that i don't have any so i'm willing to try alternatives.
  9. Just eat them. Like I said in my above post. Just start with about 20-25mg. And imo codeine isnt worth it. But they do get you high.
  10. Take 3-4, to have liver problems you'd have to ingest atlest 2500mg of Atc. and even then 1 time is unlikely for perm. damage.

    Pop them, break them in half for faster digestion.
  11. That's true.

    Kind of ironic because it doesn't really equate with the shocking damage caused by prolonged used

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