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    Theres some in the closet thats prescribed to somebody else in the house whom has had seizures in the past, not sure if the person still takes them though or what they take it for. You guys think it would be ok taking 1 or if it'd fuck you up somehow or make you have a seizure.

    it says watson 349 on one side. and how much should i take if i do decide to?

  2. It is a painkiller, one won't fuck you up.
  3. im 160 lbs, how much should i take?
  4. 4-5, next time use a search engine and go to erowid.org
  5. what you got is an acetaminophen/hydrocodone 5-500
    its a pain killer. taking 1 wont kill you or cause a seizer
    just eat before you take it otherwise you end up with
    stomach pain and vomiting.
  6. didnt have a breakfast, no stomache ache or vomiting. barely feelin anythin really and i took 4.
  7. If you just swallowed them whole wait 45 minutes er so
  8. i did it 2 hours ago lol.
  9. Why are you so worried and asking such exact questions? Use Erowid, take them and chill out.

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