Discussion in 'General' started by Neo of WNEC, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Not looking for an oxycontin type high. I'm wondering how much I should take to help my weed high. I don't want two highs, I want one to compliment the other. I guess 40mg is what you pop for a good time, would 15mg and a couple of bowls be enough to notice the difference? I know with vicodin you only need like 10mg to help your weed high along.
  2. damn just pop a couple and if you cant feel shit after a while, pop a couple more
  3. Sorry, not really a luxury I have... I have few. Actually, I only have 3 5mg pills left. Should I just wait, and save them for when I get more?
  4. pop those 3, then drink a couple of beers, then smoke a couple bowls and call me in the morning...
  5. damn that sucks. well i'd say just pop all 3 then. fuck it if they don't do much to you. get some good drugs if you really want to get fucked up
  6. deffinitely take 15 mg...
  7. 15 mgs is enough if you're not a big guy. I just started trying it recently. I took 15 mgs a little while ago and I'm working on a beer. I feel really nice! It's definitely enough if you just want to sit around.
  8. yeah pills and weed are nice except my first time with hydrocodone (vicodin 10mg a pill) i took 2 pills and threw up....

    totaly ruined that day for me. so just dont over do it
  9. hmm im confused cuz ive done like 750 mg vikes and stuff like that ive done like 3000 mg b4 but thats gotta be wrong then if your doin 15 and gettin a buzz :confused:
  10. I had those 750mg vics, but if you look at the fine print on the bottle (Vicodin ES), they only contain 7.5mg of actual Hydrocodone, the active chemical. Take one, feel pretty mellowed out for a few hours, take two, feel real good (that would be 15mg total, the same amount the original poster has. take it all dude!).
  11. If they're 5/500mg, 3 should do the job if you're smoking with it. But basically it all depends on your weight. Yesterday I ate 3 1/2 and was feeling really good, and I didn't smoke any weed with it. Go for it man, vicodin is awesome. Except if you're one of those people who get sick from painkillers. I dunno, it's never happened to me except on oxycontin... but those are garbage anyways.
  12. haha, drank 3/4 of a bottle of hydrocodone syrup yesterday in school, i was noddin off n shit by 5th period.... n my liver felt super crappy when i got home, but i dunno, i never really feel vicodins to much, the only time i felt em was when i popped 10 5/500's that were all broken into halves, and i puked black later that night... but i'd jus go wit wat other peeps said pretty much, break em up, swallow em down with some alcohol, and smoke bud on top, u'll feel good.
  13. i would take three because they are only 5/500s (i usually take 3 7.5s) and then wait 20 minutes. then start smoking a bowl slowly so you are getting high just as the hydrocodone kicks in. this is my favorite combination of any drug. you get the best of both drugs.
  14. Yeah, the second number refers to the acetaminophen (too lazy to look up the spelling) in it, the first refers to the actual hydrocodone.
  15. Don't just take them strait, crush those bitches, put them in a nice glass of water/soda/juice and chuck that bitch down.. breaks the time realease on it, because vicodin is actuly suppose to last a long time by dissolving slowly..

  16. Hmm well then ive snorted about 30 mg b4. and i drank and did dxm. But all the vikes did was take away the body buzz from the DXM it sucked ass its like the cancelled eacother out. :mad:

  17. Vicodin has no time release like OxyContin does. Vicodin doesn't contain much hydrocodone, OxyContin has a time release because it's pure oxycodone.

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