Discussion in 'General' started by scarymoose, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. hello
    i took 7 5/500 hydrocodon acetaminopthen pills and crushed them then did the cold water extraction thing and drank it but never fealt the opium buzz.
    does any body know why this happens?
  2. so assuming you did the extraction correctly, and assuming this is the extraction im thinking it is, you have about a 90% to 20% yield rate....meaning you were able to get rid of around 80% of the bad shit (apap, acetominophen, "tylenol") and saved around 90% of the good shit (hydrocodone)...you would have somewhere around 28mgs of hydrocodone that you drank... now come the detailed questions..

    -how much do you weigh..
    -how tall are you...
    -were the pills you use from a reliable source?
    -did you actually see the prescription in mgs on the bottle of these drugs?
    -or were you just told by the person you got them from?
    -would you be able to recognize an opiate buzz or high if you felt one?
    -do you use opiates a lot?..if ever?..
    -what kinds of opiates have you used?..or regularly use?...
    -did you eat recently before taking the drink?..
    -what did you eat?...
    -how long did you wait after eating your last meal to take this?
    -did you eat anything else after you took the drink?
    -did you take any other drugs before or right after taking the drink?
    -if so what were those drugs?

    etc. etc.

    now with those questions in mind, i'll let you know that 28mgs, even if you got all 100% back and ended up with 35mgs of hydrocodone is just pushing a relatively good dose for someone whos just starting to use...for me 35mgs wouldn't do much more than push me over the threshold...
  3. -140
    -5 foot 8
    -took them straight from the rx bottle
    -never done opium or any other opiates except codiene tynolol stuff a long time ago so i shouldnt have any tolerance
    -i ate macaroni and cheese 2 hours before i drank it
    -i ate some bread and butter and some water right after to get rid of the taste (i also read somewhere that the butter and fat will help it absorb better)
    -i smoked 2 bowls a about half hour after that

    i am trying it again right now and already prepared it and drank it with 50 mgs this time to see if maybe i didnt take enough or something

    this time i am also not going to smoke any weed until a few hours from now to make sure i feel if it kicks in or not
  4. id suggest skipping the bread and butter...if you're stomache gets upset take a tums or two...besides it'll all pass into a blissfull opium nod in no time..if done correctly
  5. ok thanks for the info i will skip the bread and butter and pop them instead of all the fancy stuff

    i got some questions about poping them

    if i pop them arent they time realease?
    some where i read that i can crush it all up and eat it with a tp square so it disingrates in my stomache and hits me all at once
    would that work?
  6. it is now 3 15 and this is to report on the 6:38 post

    i started feeling a little intoxicated maybe placebo effect at around 7 and it gradually faded away until about 9 when i started watching gothika started to get really boring and i would slip into concious dream worlds every few minutes then went to lay down because i couldnt concentrate on the movie at 930 and since then i been trying to sleep but mainly staying awake constantly since then

    i decided to just stay awake and smoke 1 bong rip about 20 minutes ago and now i feel numb and really stoned i might take another at 420 or something to see if i still feel numb
    is the numb part be from the hydrocodone?
    does the sleepy dream world from that?

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