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  1. Ok i have 6 lorcet plus 7.5-650 pills and i'm wondering if i need to use a CWE method to do them or if i'd be fine taking about 3 of them....

    seems like that'd be alot of APAP and may damage my liver or worse.....

    i have almost no experiece with taking pills...i know a little bit about them but just not sure about the 650mg in each pill

    Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  2. I have the same pills, and I always do the CWE. It's easy, and you know you'll only be getting the hydrocodone. Your liver will thank you.
  3. whats the best way to CWE?
    the simplest way i've heard of is to just take 2 glasses,put your pills in a cup put eough water in the glass to cover the pills ,stir till disolved....put 2 paper towels over the other cup and just pour it through the towels....squeeze the the towels and your supposedly good.....but what i'm wondering is after i CWE whats a safe dosage? 2? 3? or all 6?
  4. Thats not a cold water extraction .google it.the thread is going to be closed because Cwe is illegal
  5. you could pop them all...4000mg is suppose to be the amount of apap to not exceed in one day but people take a lot more than that.
  6. I wouldnt bother the hassel. When I had a hydrocodone prescription for a month i used to take about 10 a day at times.
  7. Pop all 3. You will feel soooo damn good... I used to take 2-3 vicodins (5/500) all the time and they got me zoning hard as fuck. You have Lorcets which are stronger so you should be feeling a lot better than I did

    man hydrocodone fucking RULES!!
  8. Yesterday I ate 35mg's of hydrocodone and did really feel shit but slightly relaxed.
  9. ya just do 2. Im not into that stuff recreationally, just makes me feel tired, drowsy and slow until I pass the fuck out, then I sleep.
  10. does the same thing to me

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