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  1. i found some hydrocodone 10/500 (i know that means 10mg of hydrocodone for every 500mg of acetaminophin. i took two the first night, got a buzz. i took three last night, and got a little bigger buzz, but nothing spectacular. tonight i am gonna take four, a 40mg dosage. i will break the pills in half so they have a stronger effect. any other tips, or experiences with hydrocodone? thanks.
  2. well first off, they dont make that dosage. its either a 5/500 or 10/650. if you chew them its better than breaking apart, that would do nothing. try 15mg or 20 depending on what they are is my suggestion. have fun. im on skelaxin :)
  3. Umm... take 6?

    Breaking them in half is not going to result in a stronger affect, but crushing them up into powder and paruchuting them will cause the affects to come on sooner and more abrubtly.
  4. Uh, yes they do make that dose. They make 10/325, 10/500, 10/650, etc.
  5. thanks guys. also, they do mke 10/500's. i have them right now, the bottle says it, and if you wanna look it up the imprint is watson 540. they make many many different combinations of hydrocodone/acetaminophen. that aside, i will take 4 or 5 tonight and get back to yall. also, what does parachuting it mean? pardon my ignorance.
  6. heh invictis you beat me to it you sneaky genius! :p.
  7. just dont take over 4000mg of APAP in a day. so that would be 8 pills.
  8. thanks guys. last night i took 4, and my friend took 3. as we were peaking we smoked 4 or 5 bowls. it was incredible, one of the best nights i've had in a very long time. nothing can beat euphoria.

  9. Sorry guys, but it will. These pills are coated with an invisible layer made to control the release of the hydrocodone, so by breaking it in half, you leave a large portion of the pill unprotected, allowing it to dissolve from the inside out. I'm not saying parachuting isn't the best way, just that breaking it in half definitely does work and gives you stronger effects.
  10. no actually i think he had loratabs, i was fucked up last night and thought he was talking about vicodin, witch does not have that dosage. btw hydrocodone in a alot of different brand named pills, if he would have posted a pic or searched to see what it was we coulda known. but it really dosent matter
  11. Parachuting is crushing the pills up, then putting them in some toilet paper, and swallowing it, thus parachuting the power into your stomach.

    An easier way would be to crush them up, put them in water, and drink it down.

    Or just chomp it once to break it up a little bit and swallow, so long as you break the time release you don't have to go overboard and parachute.

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