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  1. I have 2 M357's and a half of one

    I love getting high and just watching tv, relaxing...

    without coldfiltering, can I pop all these at one time?

    is it better to drink them crushed? or broken in half? or whole?


    any ideas would be appreciated

    can i drink wine with them?
  2. please help!

  3. If im correct thats 5 Mg ea right? I chewed up 3 of those before and downed it down with some water. If I were you id chew them up the taste is nasty but with a couple of swigs of liquid youll be fine. I dont think youre supposed to drink any alcoholic beverages when taking pills. I wouldnt risk it if I were you.
  4. you'll be fine
    thats a total of 1250mg tylenol, in the safe zone
    just dont make it daily habit and theres no problems here
  5. Don't those have 500 mg's of APAP?

    Just stick to under 4 grams a day of APAP and your fine.
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    take all of them..for the future stay at 4000mg of apap a day or below... i just had my wisdom teeth removed(not painful during surgery..a few hours later though god damn i am sore) and the fucking dr. gave me 5/500 lortabs..pathetically weak especially with the opiate tolerance ive built. i took 6 around 45 minutes ago, the pains dulled but still persistant. todays also my first sober day off heroin in 2-3weeks of steady use too so needless to say i am uncomfortable..a bit off topic may be the lortabs causing a rant but for first timers and people with little tolerance i always found 20-30mg to be a very pleasant comfortable high especially if you can smoke a dutch about 20 minutes after you pop.

    shit i misread your first post..so youve got around 12.5mg? something like that id deffinately take it all, smoking will add to the high a lot and id even wash it down with 2-3 beers or wine if thats what you have..youll find the opiate alcohol weed mix enjoyable, just dont overdo it with the booze and you will be A ok

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