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Hydrocodone m375

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. My friend just sold me 8 m357 500mg hydrocodone pills. Me and my friend split a pill, we railed it. Then right after we smoked a dutch laced with some of the crushed up pill. I was pretty fucked up then, but it's been like 2 hours, i popped another one like an hour ago and I just broke up another one because i'm going to rail it. I can honestly say I don't really feel that fucked up at all. I'm kind of dissapoined. Does anyone know how many mg of hydrocodone is in the m357 pills? Because I'm pretty sure it's hydrocodone and acetaminophin, but I have no idea of how much acetaminophin are in them.

    My bad, I didn't realize I was in seasoned tokers, I thought I was in general. And just to update, I'm not really dissapointed anymore because I'm buzzin pretty nice.
  2. They're 5 mg's of hydrocodone and 500 mg's of acetametaphine. I wouldn't be blowing them man, or smoking them. Entirely too much filler. Just break them in half and swallow them or put them in your mouth and chew them up for faster absorbtion, if you can stomach the chemical taste.

    I'd pop a couple of them and smoke and just lay down and relax, myself.
  3. watch it with that acetaminphen....that stuff's really bad for your liver
  4. Yeah, but at 500 mg's a pill, the dosage is no higher than an Extra Strength Tylenol. Just try and not exceed 3000 or so mg's at a time.
  5. all filler no killer. well i had to say it, welll anyway i popped 4 in half in took em i wouldnt suggest snoting them. doesnt do the same for me just pop em.
  6. hydrocodone are kinda weak...
    zanax kinda idk .. id say bad cause i blacked out on it after taking .. i woke up with milkduds EVEYWHERE and stains on bed from chocolate.. hahahhaha .. second itme experimenting .. weak
    percaset.. itcy .. decent
    vicodon .. decent

    i only had oxyCOTTIN once and that shit was ... GREAT :p... but i dont wanan get addicted so ya i keep away

  7. Apparently you do not know what you are talking about (not trying to sound like a dick). Oxycontin is pure oxycodone, which is why the pills are so small. Percocet is oxycodone and acetiminophen together which is why they are bigger. The acteminohpen doesn't really affect you, so if you took a 40 mgs of oxycontin and 8 percocets (5 milligrams of oxycontin to however much of acetiminophen) would give you the same effects. Oxycontin and Percocet both come in different doses too. But I know that oxycodone and hydrocodone are both opiates, so in theory they both give you a "downer" effect.

    I would take about 40 milligrams of hydrocodone for your first time. That is what I took my first time and I was plenty fucked up.

    Jah Bless
  8. "oxycontin in my system man i'm feelin kinda strange"

    man, i fuckin love oxycontins haha, n yea thats bad but i cant afford em anyway, 40 is the least i've ever done, n it wasnt that great, i prefer to blow a whole 80 and then walk around the mall lookin pale as fuck while i freestyle haha, i can rhyme sick as hell on oc's

    but yea ^^ dude knows what he's talkin about, oc's and percocets are the same thing except one got tylenol in it

    oh, and xanax is the shit to, all you need to know about blacking out is that even though u dont remember what happened, u definitely had a hella good time haha, gotta take at least 2mg and then drink a half bottle of 100 proof vodka and u'll be crunkin it up swervin and pushin bitches out your car cuz there bein annoying and want out, haha so i let her out at 15mph when she opened the door, i was definitely laughin hard as hell cuz i was like "tuck and roll bitch!!" haha it was into grass anyway though i'm not to crazy, she was ugly anyway n the only reason i picked her up was to get some dome cuz i knew i wouldnt remember it, she always talked about how much she liked me n shit n i was like "well, heres your chance" n she fucked it up haha
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