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Discussion in 'General' started by GroTrees, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. my mom takes hydrocodone and ive stolen some pills before and taken them orally, lot of fun, but tonight i sniffed a lil over 300 mg of it and smoked a bowl, it was great jus made the high like heaven, i also went bowling and stole me some new shoes, (out of wanting them not neccesity im not poor or nothin lol) plus when i got home i wanted more hydrocodone and i found out my mom finally stopped taken them and she put the 50 bottle with at least 35 left in our medicine cabinet, which is such a mess u cud prolly find like things from 1975, so i took 2 and hid the bottle, ill wait a week or two before i steal the whole bottle, anyway there 750 mg, and i just cant believe how nice it was, anyone now about bad side effects because otherwise i think im going to start doin this every time i smoke, for anyone out there with the oppurtunity, try it its awesome.
  2. Yea, the addiction.

    Be careful with that stuff, it may be a great high but it can also be addictive, very.
  3. "anyway there 750 mg, and i just cant believe how nice it was"

    no they aren't. 300 mg as you said you took would kill you.
    though i dunno how tolerance works, it takes a junkie like 3-5 times as much to get the same high as a recreational user like me or you or somethin like that. the "750 mg" you see is another chemical called acetaminophen which can kill you if you take enough (it's the same thing in cough syrup that kills people)
    your pills are actually probably like 5mg or 10 or somethin like that, i don't remember how high they go. i used to have 5mg ones, i took 25 mg at a time to get fuuuucked up.
  4. mr criminal is right... i have a scrip from the doc cause i fucked y knee up REALLY bad and i have to take them almost every day. It's 50mg Hydrocadone and 850mg Actaminophine
  5. exactly how much is a fatal amount of actaminophine? i looked on errowid, couldnt find it...
  6. 4000 mg a day and 2750mg if used daily

  7. i kno but as the acetminophen raises usually the hydrocodone raises, those 300 mgs prolly had 3 mg of hydrocodone while these 750's have 7.5 mgs, and ya i realize there addicting but i dont have an addictive personality and ill prolly use them until they run out, but im deffinitely not gonna start buying em or anything when i run out
  8. youll probably be cool being that you dont have a constant supply...

    but anyways, put a few days between uses. will fight addiction better AND will help keep your tolerance down.

    3 days in a row of the same amount, you probably wouldnt feel it that third day.
  9. wait your mom takes em for pain?
    and you steal them from her ...lol wtf just go buy your own god damn painkillers
  10. hah, thats what it was like when i found out i was taking my friends brothers meds for his broken arm.. i was like.. damn dude now i feel kinda bad about that, haha....

  11. I don't know man, if I were you I'd quit while I was ahead. It seems to me you like the combo too much, and once you run out of pills, weed might not do it for you anymore.
  12. My prescription for hydrocodone (Vicodin) just ran out. I had it for my knee, and I took some I had saved up last night. For those who are curious. There are three APPROVED dosages of hydrocodone. Vicodin is roughly 1 part hydrocodone for every 100 parts acetominophen. The largest quantity of hydrocodone that can be prescribed per dose is 10mg.

    There simply aren't larger doses that have been approved. I was on Vicodin HP, which is 10mg per dose. I dunno what erowid has to say, but the FDA doesn't go above 10mg with hydrocodone.

    Back to the point... yes, hydrocodone is very nice. No snorting though... the acetominophen is highly corrosive. I recommend cold water extraction anyway. I have about 50ml of a solution which is 2mg per 1ml. That's fairly potent. That's 10 pills crushed and extracted and then disolved in water. I threw in some sugar for preservatives, and out it in a prescription medicine bottle. Sometimes I prescribe a teaspoon to go along with my weed.

    The trick is to say to yourself, if you WANT it, you can't have it. If I'm in the mood for some hyrocodone solution... then I don't take it. This is how I avoid addiction. Usually I take it like as a surprise. When I'm putting my pipe back in my lock-box, and I see it. Sometimes I grab a teaspoon without thinking about it. After my liquid runs out, i dunno if I'll ever buy more. Its awefully nice, the body high of the vicodin complements the weed perfectly. But the fear of addiction is too great.

    One thing I can say, is taking hydrocodone orally WITHOUT getting high won't affect your judgement. Makes you feel nice and comfortable. From what I've read, the actual hydrocodone isn't damaging. So I guess helping yourself to a couple every once in a while isn't bad. But the second you do it back-to-back two nights in a row, is the time you go overboard. Once a week max for me.

    And I don't feel very addicted. Sure, mentally, like with weed. Weed is definately mentally addictive. But I never feel physically addicted to any of my drugs, including vicodin.
  13. i don't really think that there are 300mg vikes. All i know of are the 5/500 7.5/750 and there is something else but i don't remember. I dunno, i'm not completely sure, but i don't ever remember seeing 300mg vikes. btw, i think vikes suck (unless you have 7.5/750) because you have to eat at least like 4 of them to feel anyhing. I had the 500mg and i had to eat 6 just to get strong buzz, and then i got sick. I stopped pills all together. I used to be a major pill head. I would eat ambien, vikes, perks, valium, ativan, oc, and felxeril. I realized that pills aren't worth what the do to your body. Just stick with weed and all the natural shit.... hmmm some acid every now and then isn't that bad either lol

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