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Hydrocodone and Clonazepam (Vics and Kpinz)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NFloyd2357, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Ok - I know this isn't a safe combination, but i also know that when done safely, it can be done - I've thrown in some benzos with both Vics and OCs, and been fine, but i also worry about the combination when im on it. I took 30mg of HydroC last night, and way later took a .5 klonopin.

    I.m wondering if anybody combines benzo's and PK's, and what is the best way of going about it (aka, taking one first, then the other - both at same time, etc). Also, whats the most klonopin i would wanna do while still being safe (with 20mg hydro) - im always afraid to take over .5mg, and i probably won't go over that. Its been pretty hard to find combinations of benzos and vics, so im a little afraid to try it.

    also, should i take 2 benadryls with the vics as people say to help with itching and whatnot? Or will it just put me to sleep?

    any help much appreciated - im about to take these within the hour and chill for the rest of the day
  2. Well as taking two CNS depressants goes, as you said, dangerous.

    I like to take the opiates first as they take 20-30 mins to kick in. The benzos are more like 10-15.

    The questions you asked about dose is too sudjective to give accurate advise. It depends on you.

    Benadryl might increase the effects of the hydro, and would deff put you to sleep. Im assuming your talking about a 50mg dose.

    Be safe.
  3. yea, i know its dangerous - thats why i hate to do it. I dont do opiates regularly, but i do them a couple times a week as of the past month or two. I've been takin around 30mg of oxy lately, and i would add a klonopin on the comedown. I did the same thing to a 25mg hydroc dose. Ive never taken them together really which is why im worried. My benzo tolerance is pretty high (need at least 2-3mg to feel it) but id say my opiate tolerance isn't much higher than a newb. I have 3.5 x 7.5 pills left, so i think im gonna do that, and add in a half (.25 mg) of klonopin, see how a feel, and take the other half later if it feels right.
  4. You should be fine, maybe hang out with a buddy just for saftey's sake.

    Have a good time.
  5. at the small doses your talking, its not a problem
    when i was addicted to oxy, i regularly used to snort an 80 of oxy and pop 2 xanax bars....so thats 80mg oxycodone and 4mg xanax and i was fine.
    note...i did OD from 4mg xanax and heroin though...but that was IV
  6. ^^ agreed. The only thing I would suggest against is taking the benadryl. I mean you'll be fine, but I myself would prefer a non-drowsy antihistamine to help with the itching (unless it was hydroxyzine)
  7. word, thanks for the help guys - i took em with a .5 kpin, might add another .5 later - feelin really good, smokin an l, and watchin shawshank redemption lol

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