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  1. Im a decent "normal" plant grower, but i have never grown marijuana. The idea of a hydro system seems a bit over board, and i cnat seem to get a straight answer of which is better. If it is a better system which sub system is better? I also need to set this up for under $125
  2. Thanks for the advise. I think ill stick to what i know best :)

    Suit & Tie
  3. I use river bottom soil with peatmoss, pig manure, chicken manure, and ammonia nitrate. With the right blend i have some very good and tastey buds. Quick growig and large buds. This is a southern farmers grow trick.

    Happy growing to ya!

  4. You are so full of shit!!!!!!!! LOL

    I've tried both and am fairly new to growing. Try soil for a couple or three crops till you get the hang and then try hydro. Me I like them both. Growing soil in the summertime is a blast and I love doing it. Watering fertlilizing, trimming, watering, is a blast and I have fun doing it. When it gets cold, I enjoy hiding out it a warm and toasty gro room with the sun so bright it feels good. While outside its cold and dark and gloomy. Like a closet full of Florida!!!!! And fooling aorund with all those chemicals its like a 12 year old with a chemistry set, fun and educational as mum would say.

    But i despise growing soil in winter and hydro in summer. feels too weird and I don't enjoy it.
  5. My personal choice on what to grow in is soil. I like the natural taste of the buds when they are grown organically. When you grow with hydro and use chemicals the true taste of the bud is greatly affected. I won't smoke anything that was grown with chemicals though organic is all I can get at the cannabis club. A route you could take if you are looking for more yeild and growing hydro is getting organic grow mediums. Though they will cost a little more you'll still get a nice yeild and get to savor in the natural taste of the bud. Hope this gives you some tips.
  6. An online friend of mine wouldn't grow hydroponically because it's too technical. Now his very reason for never trying it is the reason he loves it so much.
  7. ALWAYS try soil first.
    For $125, you can get everything you need, minus the HPS, which will be another $150 or so.
  8. i have the lamps and i have fans (old bathroom fans) so it just the setup and to the garcia fan, growing with "chemicals is not all that bad, all that the soil does is provide those chemicals, your not putting pesticides onyour plants. hydro and soil are both organic

    Suit and Tie

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