Hydro vs. Dirt*****which way makes the best bud

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  1. I really would like to get information about which is the way to go. I already know that growing in dirt gets you great taste ect. Aside from the taste, is that the only drawback?? How are the finished product after its all said and done?? Some say that its way better, some say hell no and stay away. I have personally grown in dirt, but not
    hydro. So, which method provides the best finished product?? If anyone has some input on this, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hydro is faster, soil had a better taste
  3. hydro tends to produce bigger also just make sure you flush or youll be smoking nutes
  4. so, can 1 expect to get a bigger yield using the hydro method vs. soil??
  5. Hi.. High yield is also a function of experience. An experienced dirt grower will always out-perform an inexperienced hydro grower. Hydro takes time to get everything 'dialed-in' and your methods perfected to produce the best results.

    Good Luck!
  6. head to head hydro normally out produces soil is more natural (taste and ability to self correct grower errors)
  7. why is hydro faster??
  8. From what I've read hydro is faster because in stead of the plant searching for water in soil itS already gettinG IT and concentrates itself on upper growth MIW
  9. Hydro wastes more nutes with the res changes.

    Dirt is cheaper overall.

    Go co co !!!
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    I find CoCo is a good medium but has too many problems with it's low density allowing roots to push through it too easily.
    After exploring soil, coco and nft I've found that nft has personally given me the best results with less complications.
    Just speaking from my own experiences.
  11. neither is better, growing is growing. People say hydro is more efficient if thats what you are asking. The fact is in hydro the plant has everything it needs at every moment in time. In soil this is not exactly the case. However a good soil grower will usually do just as well with yield and quality. If you examine hydro weed and compare it to outdoor you will see a difference in looks sometimes, even more if its outdoor. Some say soil makes for a better taste, not true at all. It makes for a different taste, it depends on the strain, the phenotype, the genetics and how good of a grower that person is.

    But all in all there a few good ways to grow and when it comes down to it like i said, growing is growing and if you do it right no way is better than the other.

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