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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bob_barker, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Well ive decided to try a hydro grow with bubble buckets. Im only doing one bucket for now just to see how i like hydro. Ive read alot on og and i decided to make a 5 gallon bucket which i will just refil by hand. the bucket is built already with a 6 inch net pot and i was just wondering what kind of stone i should put inside the pot? I went to wall mart and asked for the airstone which i read was the best to use but they didnt have it. and now i have no idea what i should put in the pot and i want to try and avoid driving all the way to my hydro store to buy hydrostone. Another thing is has anyone used dyna grow and dyna bloom nutrients for their grow? and if so could you kinda help me out with a veg and flower formula incase there is a better way to do it other than the instructions. (cant get to much help from my hydro store either dont wanna say to much). one more thing, where should i connect the airline from my pump in the bucket? in the net pot? and if in the net pot where in them? Any other help or information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. go to a pet shop for the air stones...
  3. The idea of a 'bubble bucket' is to bubble a nutrient+water solution in the bucket and make it splash on the end of the net-pot hanging down above it.
    U should place the hole for the airline in the top of the bucket on the lid or on the top-side of the bucket!Just make sure ure airline hole is above the water level,Cause if the pump stopped the water would run back the airline into the pump which would be a Bad thing lol
    Just make sure u get a fair amount of bubbles, enough to splash the underneath of the net-pot anyway!
    Hope that helps!
    Good luck!
  4. Thanks that helps with the airline. But im still looking for the dyna grow and dyna bloom solution, i guess ill just give my hydro guy a call on that to see if i can get a little help on that stuff.

    Well after searching on good old google I figured out the instructions on the box. If anyone uses the dyna grow or dyna bloom like I did and would like the formula its 2-3 tsp per gallon of water. And you must mix both or you wont get all the trace elements you need
  5. never expereinced dyna nutes... sorry, id check Ebay they got sum good deals on nutes..... and its not like there gonna bust u for buyin nutes? cuz i ve heard of people gettin tracked after companys gettin in trouble for supplying supplys or sumthin i dk take it easy sam

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