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  1. <hr style="color: rgb(236, 252, 178); background-color: rgb(236, 252, 178);" size="1"> \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\ti HAVE EBB & FLOW (FLOOD AND DRAIN) 12X5GAL BUCKET SYSTEM.

    1. Do i still have to use i lid with reflective layer to block light from creating algae, or is this only necessary for bubble buckets since they have water in them at all times and ebb & flow only has water in them for short periods?

    2.Also since its a flood and drain do i have to keep the whole root system in the hydroton clay pellets because they will hold little moisture to prevent them from drying out , or can i use the net pots and just let the roots dangle like in a bubble bucket system?

    3. If i can let them dangle how long could they stay dry without completely drying out
  2. Anyone?????
  3. since nobody else chimed in...

    1. It's a good idea to light proof the entire thing

    2. You should use a medium. hydroton will work fine

    3. Doesn't apply

    sorry for the short answers, trying to hold my bong and type at the same time
  4. Thanks again dude
    For #2
    I was sill planing on using the hydroton. Let me try to explain it a little better, what i meant was should i use 5 gal buckets with the 3.2 gal buckets that fit rite inside them as an inner bucket drill holes in the bottom of the inner bucket so that the entire root system is in the pellets at all times? I was thinking maybe i could just use the net pots but still wiyh the pellets and the roots hanging out the bottom like a bubble bucket?
  5. Anyone else?

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