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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mels, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I need to know what strength nutes i can give my plants after 13 days,
    any help appreciated
  2. I think that will depend on what nutes you're using.

    I went with a commercial line I picked up from my local hydro-store and followed the directions they provided.
  3. Ive got the ionic set but it only provides the full amount which is 7ml per litre
  4. Any one?
  5. I think that mels means that in a previous post he was told that he should only water the plants til they are 13 days old with just water no nutes. If I am correct he now wants to know at day 13 what concentration or water to nutrients solution he should use. As in his last post the instruction on the nutes say 7ml to every litre of water but is that too strong for a 13 day old plant if so what concentration should he use. hope this helps mels
  6. Thank you mx_ell for clearing things up
  7. no problems mel, just hope someone can help with your question.
  8. So do i.
  9. Hey Bro i use blue juice for veg and when they are real little i use about 6 to 10 ppm depending on how big and strong they look but for little clones i go 4 ppm and then gradually bring them up to between 15 and 18 ppm hope that helps
  10. 15ppm???I start mine off at 300 ppm @.7 and work them up from there.look into the lucas formula
  11. Thanks for the help guys any more appreciated.
  12. Any 1 else?
  13. Yeah i always use the middle scale on my nute pen i am looking at it right now and 300 is 6 you know acoording to the middle scale

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