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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, May 19, 2003.

  1. Im planig my next grow 4'x4'x4' 800 with 2 400 watts. It will be a hydro setup most likley bubbler later to areotubes (?). Its in my basment (storage) burried in a crawlspace and I wouldnt like to spend alot of time screwing with chems and changing the ph and ppm.

    At first i think i will have an external bleed with a pump so i can bleed the water into a small bowl tet it and do the changes using formulas then pump it back in, never entering the box.

    Has anyone ever made or heard of anyone make a program to control the water lights ect? My bros boss is a compuer programer and is willing to make the program for me but for a big price or alot of free weed. Its worth it in the end but is it possible to make a program like and get a good grow or do you have to actualy check the condition of the plants first hand to see what you need to change with the ferts.

    Can anyone think of a way i can hook up the feederss for the chems what kind of feeder could i use?

  2. 4x4x4 isn't oing to be tall enough. try 4x4x6 or taller.

    If you are going with a bubbler system, the only automatic deal you need is a timer to turn your lights off an on again. Everything else can be done cheaper (or better) manually. You always have to check the pH daily or every other day. Check the EC for the nute load, and check the reservoir level to determine how much water or fert water to add. All of this can be done automatically and if you look at some commercial nursery, greenhouse, hydroponic equipment this automatic equipment is out there.

    But what you wind up with is lots of electronics, meters, etc. hat cost a bunch of money that you can do yourself. Your grow ops isn't really big enough to justify the outlay in cash to obtain all that high tech equipment. The ebst thing you need is a clipboard with a charted form to track what you did, and when you did it, and how much you did. Just a simple form for date and time, pH, EC, and Notes for what went on. And then take care of the hydro monitoring to yourself.
  3. i can only go 4' because its a hle in a crawlspace and i have no more room to thorw the dirt. I was thinking 1' for the water 2' fro the plant and 1' for the lights 2x 400 watt in vented boxes.
  4. You can make it work but it will be tough. You may have to scrog your plants or try different ways of postioning your light and plants to make sure you don't burn them up. But a traditional light on top beaming down isn't going to work unless you want to dig a deep hole for you plant to sit in.
  5. Areo tube would give me a 3' from the plat bottom to the lights. so a 16" sog setup would be 20" from the lights wouldnt tha be enough? Either way im going to do scrog first then try SOG.

  6. as long as you keep the 20" seperation it will work just fine

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