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  1. I’m currently on my 3 rd grow flo active aqua
    With ok results. I’m getting everything going well in vege and then in flower I seem to be doing something wrong . I’ll post my pics of my buckets they are all slimy and black . I can’t seem to keep system clean which is effecting
    Final flower result quality and quantity. What should I run in the water during vege and flower to keep system clean . How many cycles recommended with timer . Im using 5 gallon heavy duty cloth bags and Tupac cocoa
    Thanks for input in advance also I’m using Jacks123 lighting Gavita mason problem is hydro up keep

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  2. You have two main routes to go, either the biological fungicide route such as hydroguard or southag's garden friendly fungicide, or the sterile route, with bleach, pool shock, etc. If you go sterile, you can't use fulvic products.
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  3. Plan A. Buy or make a chiller or use ice blocks
    65 to 68 Degrees F is what you want .
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  4. I like your post,, I agree if your reservoir temps are pushing 70 degrees f plus.
    But most books on Hydroponics start off with advising that the water temps need to be in mid 60's.
    or you can expect root rot issues.
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  5. Thanks for responding

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