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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by LebRasta, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hey,
    I have a northern express in Hydro.
    Currently have around 180 W worth of CFLs as I feel it is too fragile to move into my tent with a 400 MH.
    Ph has been around high 6s low 7s i've been using PH down from an aquarium but it doesnt seem to work that well.
    Please look at the picture and tell me what you think.
    Heat Stress?
    Nute deficiency? (should I start the nute cycle ?(using GH nutes)
    Please let me know and give me advice 


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  2. Try to lower your ph to around 5.5-6. There are house hold items you can use to raise/lower ph just look them up or order ph up down off line for about $10-$15

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  3. Like said above.... Get your PH lowered before you try anything else.
    I'm not sure about what you're using to lower it but vinegar works to lower PH
  4. Thanks guys,
    I will do that, maybe add some vinegar. The PH down i got is from an aquarium shop it just doesnt seem strong enough. I've got it down to 6 now, so hopefully things will change in a couple of days,
    I will update you with pics in a couple of days
  5. PH down to 6, any other advice?
    added just a bit of nutrient water to the mix still no change from yesterday.
    Think itll survive?
  6. Ph of 6 is still high. You should keep ph about 5.5 - 6.2 which I never let it raise above 6. Start at 5.5 and let it drift to 6.0 and then lower back down. At a ph of 6.5-7 you lock out all the nutrients so your starving your plant. Bring your ph down to 5.5 and you should be alright

  7. Looks like some pH issue and nutes def. Try to get some good nutes from your local hydro store. Try calling a nutes firm for help with your marijuana, they will guide you the best.

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