Hydro, Does it take less space?

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  1. Well I've heard people say that hydro takes up less space and easier to do, but I don't really see how with either a big res. or a 5 gal. bucket for dwc.Unless you can do multiple plant in a wider, shorter container with dwc. I ask this because I want to do a stealth grow with a cab that is about 6.5' high and 3' wide, but I want to use either 3 or 4 shelves and get perp. harvests with scrog to maximise yield. I was planning to use a 70 or 150w hps for each shelf with maybe a few cfls for more even coverage and 3 plants on each shelf. I figure I could get around atleast 3 to 4 oz. per shelf with 3 shelfs for 9 to 12 oz. per 8 weeks with an 8 week strain.

    I just don't see how you could get that much with a 600w hps in this size space and hydro or dwc since you would have to use the whole cab unless you maybe divide it in two and use 2 250's. Would it really grow that much quicker with dro and yield just as much or more?
  2. With a maximum hight of 6.5' and 3-4 shelves, your talking 19.5-26 inches of total height per shelf, I have a SCROG going right now with 2 plants, 150watt hps and my cabinet is 35" high with a inside grow height of like 25 inches, gotta figure pot/res and reflector.

    In my opinion 3-4 shelves is too much, if I were you, I would make it two shelves, that would give you little over 3ft per side, with a screen and 150watt hps you can easily maintain your canopy, and give it a little room to stretch.

    Even if you start with the most of 3 shelves, 26" of total height per shelf, figure in the height of your pots/res, say 6" and thats a low estimate, then reflector, and that is IF you can some how hang it to the inside top of the shelf flush with the shelf, IE no hangers taking up height, another 4-6"? so there is 10-12" right off the top, that leave you with 16-14" of height for plants? Two plants 16-14 inches high, I wouldn't expect 3-4 ounces even if you SCROG and with a total of 14-16" that isn't very much height to make a good footprint from a light anyway.

    Do two shelves, give them more room, you could use rubbermaid 28 quart tubs for DWC if you wanted, only take like 8" of height, and say 6" reflector, that would leave you with 25-26" of plant height. With proper training or SCROG you could pull some decent yields.

    Regardless wich way you do go, I'd suggest you go with a more pure indica, they tend to be shorter plants and still give you decent yields.

    Hope this helps...
  3. Flood tables can take up less then 6" (with 4" rockwool blocks). You will need to have a bucket or box outside the grow room to hold the nutrient. The reservoir outside the grow can be very stealth with some imagination.
  4. true but I don't know how I could hide a res unless it was in the cab or in another cab connected to it since I live in an apartment. On another note really nice cab you got there. How much do you normally yield, are those 8 jars in your harvest post all from just one grow?
  5. He SROGS two plants using a 400 watt hps and only 5 feet of grow space and I believe all of that is from one harvest. Very very impressive.
  6. That was from a one plant harvest. I got 15 jars from my last harvest a few days ago. The amount always varies depending on outside temps and what kinda weird shit I'm doing.

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