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    I got prescribed to something called hycodane, i guess its a cough syrup, its a liquid hydrocodone. Is the stuff like actual codeine syrup? Or is it just a liquid pain killer? I wish I could have this stuff forever, its awesome.
  2. probably a stronger cought syrup with hydrocodone in it. Like tussinex or something like that I would think
  3. Its a hydrocodone and homatropine syrup, should probably be stronger than drank.
  4. yea it says hydrocodone-homatropine syrmor i took 3 teaspoons and im buzzin pretty good right now, this stuff is awesome. Drank is codeine syrup correct or you talking about like dmx?
  5. correct my good sir

    drop a 4 in the 20 ounce man!
  6. 4 in the 20 ounce? haha im so confused. I wish I could smoke man, I havent smoked since last may, and cant smoke till this may, ahhhh!!
  7. lol its just a slang term rappers use. Its basically putting 4 ounces of syrup in a 20 ounce of sprite or other soda. THIS IS VERY STRONG as its about 6 teaspoons per ounce so you would be consuming 240 mg of hydrocodone which would probably kill an opiate naive person....so take that lightly and also as a joke when i said to do this.
  8. ahh gotacha, so theres like 10mg in each teaspoon of this stuff??

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