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Hybrids direct current experimental grow journal

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by hybridky, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. The plan is to germinate 2 seeds and subject one to 12 volt d/c current. Both plants will be on the same feeding schedule same box under the same lights each will be rotated once a day. One plant will be a control and the other will be subjected to current 24/7until harvest. Im currently waiting on tye seeds to germinate. Both seeds came out of the same bud of mids. Genetics unknown. Bud did have very vibrant red hairs and fairly light green calyx.
  2. Still waiting on seeds to germ.
  3. What do you aim to achieve with the current?
  4. Subbed out of pure curiosity!
  5. Im just tryin to see whats up. No hypothesis. Just wanting to know what will happen. I could kill it,it cold have no effect,or it could thrive. I might taste better. It could taste like booty hole. And it quite simple due to the fact all tye materials are free,or previously bought. So no unitaskers. Except my box and tye light
  6. do it with clones or its pointless.
  7. Well there are going to be a shitload of variables i dont have mother nor the patience to lst my plants. I would have to lst or bonsai due to lack of space. I only have one box for veg/flower so i take a chance on cloning a male.

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