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  1. With all the talk the post office is doing about sanitizing the mail and the potential exists that seed companies won't be able to deliver viable seeds. So I got to thinking (dangerous, I know) about letting a few males live to reproduce with some females and produce some seeds to stockpile up.

    But then the thinking machine turned on again. If most strains are hybrids, they won't produce viable offspring. I know if you let a donkey mate a horse you get a mule, i.e. hybrid. The mule is unable to reproduce. In commercial fisheries, you mate two types of panfish to produce the very desirable Coppernose Bluegill, another hybrid. But the Coppernose will reproduce, but not into little coppernose but back into it's parent stock. The same thing is true in roses, flowers, etc, etc... the list goes on. So what about MJ? What will all the hybrid MJ strains reproduce to if allowed to go to seed? I mean if you have a really good kick ass girl, let it mate with a boy of the same strain, will the seeds come out as a ass-kicker or will revert to on of its grandparent's stock?

    I don't know how the Seed companies produce their stock, if someone knows please pass the info on.

  2. I myself am looking for the same thing.....I never made seed .....to my peril....It will make viable seed as long as the parents are not from the same parent.....Iv.e done it in the past with no prob.....
  3. Ndica, I understand that seeds produced off a hybrid may be viable, but what will the strain of the offspring be?

    For example:

    Green Spirit by Dutch Passion is a hybrid from Big Bud and Skunk#1. If you breed a Green Spirit male to a Green Spirit female will the seed be Green Spirit? Or would the offspring be Big Bud or Skunk #1? If you grew the parents from seed, you have no idea whether your plants are "brother-sister" or just "kissing cousins".

    Maybe one of our Dutch friends who know the seed companies can clear this up for me.
  4. This is where percentages is most important,,,this must be known to get back to "true" so to speak.It usually takes more than one generation to do...I myself am updating my breeder knowledge as well for this very purpose.

    Even so there may be at some generation that one seed or plant that will show signs of the 'unwanted"gene,yet others will remain true..

    Iv'e done breeding in the past alot,and made my own strains..It is not the easiest starting from hybrid,working backwards,I'll tell ya that..

    Share whatever you discover,,,I will do the same
  5. well i breed hybrid iris and they only bloom every 3rd year!it my under standing that if you have say a sunk mother and she is stable she can be breed with a stable male of the same kind not the same prents!you well get baby skunks!if you take a mother skunk that is not a stable straind and mate her with a stable male her off spring well start takeing on the trats of the male,if she the mother is stable and the male is not the off spring well take the trats of the motherif the mother and the male are not stable strains the off spring can be shit weed from bang cock!it all depends on how stable the strains are in the frist place you can have a great hybrid and if it not stable its seed could be good it could be shit and not gem at all,this is way hybrids that are stable have far less males ,one stable strain over comes the other!i hope that helps!tazz11

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