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Hwat have I done know

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. I did something today I thought I wouldn't do..

    There are about three or four that already know.

    Can the rest of you guess?
  2. smoke some weed? lol

    nah..too easy
  3. delete a thread??? nah youv done that :)! come on give it up

  4. I thought I was going to do that anyway!lol

    Not the answer..

  5. I haven't done that either. Not the correct answer..

    The old city people will know! lol

  6. Thank you my friend. I'm happy about it..
  7. You finally got your period?

    That was bad. You may ground me now.
  8. You are almost right smokie.

    You already know that though don't ya?

    I have smoked a little more today than usual. Don't have the burden of being a full time parent all the time now!
    whatdya get ? :)

  10. I'll tell ya one thing, It wasn't a carrot.

    No tatoos. I am leaving clues in this thread. You my friend should be able to figure it out!

    I once was, now I am again...
  11. hehe my bad that was puffy that went to marti gra and got a fake tatoo, a couple of years ago,...see what being a stoner does to ya

    hhhm....a harem.ya done got yerself a harem again. :)
    .....cant wait to find out what yer up to...

    tap,tap,tap :D

  12. hmm.damnit tell us lol

    no idea...
  13. "hhhm....a harem.ya done got yerself a harem again.
    .....cant wait to find out what yer up to..."

    If I knew what you were talking about, maybe I could answer that!
  14. i dunno.... r u single for the first time in like forever? just tell us...
  15. I've been single with kids for a long time..

    Maybe to long.lol
  16. it was okies period. that did it.
    soooo, do i say congratulations? and ye's happy?


  17. If ya wants, and yes.
  18. I think Okie is always on a period.. LMAO
  19. lol

    congrats man

  20. Not ON one, but, 3 females, I'm always near one!

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