Hw many hits would you think is taking the piss?

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  1. sorry if this has been asked millions of times, its just, i usualy only smoke with 1 or 2 people, or on my own, so i dont feel as 'judged' when i take my time on my turn to smoke

    so when i'm in big groups i dont really know how many hits is taking the piss, cos i want everyone else to be high as well as me.

    thanks, and sorry again if i'm posting a thread twice, i did search but nothing came up :)
  2. it all depends. different places, different ways. lets get together with them and check how the people before your turn did it.
  3. what does taking the piss mean?
  4. :confused_2: When me and my friends smoke it's one hit for everyone, take a big hit and pass it on or very occasionally if it's a smaller bowl or something then we'll do everyone gets their own bowl, then pack a new one and the next person gets the full bowl.
    If a person is taking way to long to pass and keep chattering (like my GF, lol) someone will be like "soo.. how bout that bowl?".

    But being rushed is also not cool, I like to feel chill when I'm smoking, not like I'm hanging out with some feening heroin addicts with only one needle.
  5. If it's a pipe or bong, it's usually one hit and then you pass it

    With joints or blunts it's usually two hits and then pass
  6. Depends who I'm smoking with. If its a close buddy we usually smoke 1/2 1/2, so whoever rolls smokes the first half, then passes. If its someone I know less well I'll say as I pass - "three draw pass ok?" or whatever.
  7. This is the basic guideline.
  8. i have no idea what taking the piss means. puff puff pass?
  9. Haha okk guys thanks for ignoring my question, i know what OP is talking about now. Are you by any chance from England or something? Ive never heard that haha

    But yea its been like the unwritten law with me and my friends take a hit pass it, unless you didnt get a good hit/bowls cashed

    PUff Puff Pass da blunt, not a big deal tho
  10. It means pissing someone of without intention according to urbandictionary. I have heard it before, don't know where though.
  11. It's usually a british term, so I'd guess that's where the OP is from. Sky Dog hit the nail on the head; I'd say that's the rule of thumb.
  12. It's said all the time in Australia and the UK. It means being a smart-ass.

  13. Not in my house its not; its a bowl each
  14. Wrong. Taking the piss means, Taking the mick i dont know how else to phrase it, Eg.

    - How much did you get your 2009 BMW for?

    - £20

    - your taking the piss!!!

    Lol thats all i could think of atm, tbh im blazed as fuck and i use this term most days buts its hard to acctually describe what it means.

    My head hurts now.
  15. Ah now that you say that I'm pretty sure I heard someone say that when it came to like taking the blame.
  16. If I understand you correctly, it means taking more than your fair share? Or taking more than you were supposed to receive?
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    haha yeah i'm from england, i can't believe you've never heard of taking the piss :p it just means taking more than your fair share, like being greedy

    anyway thanks for the help

  18. this has been the standard since I started puffin many years ago
  19. for me it depends who im with bowls and shit is always 1 hit pass

    blunts its either 2 hit pass or

    at the begginging you chill on it and take about 4-5 and pass, only if its you and 1 other person (your dealer)

  20. Sort of. In this context its knowingly taking more than you were supposed to recieve

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