HVY 4 arm showerhead

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    I'm waiting for aquua laab to restock the SYN showerheads but since the HVY showerheads are already $250, i assume the Syn will be above my budget. I definetly am not spending over 300

    These are all hvy:
    4 arm beaker is 200
    8 arm straight or beaker is 260
    4arm showerhead beaker is 250
    4 arm showerhead straight is 270
    showerhead straight is 250

    I don't really understand how the 4 arm showerheads work, and the showerhead straight just looks like a tree perc to me..

    Any thoughts?
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    From the post I'm guessing you don't understand what a showerhead perk is. The showerhead in the hvy tubes is basically a dome perk...a tube runs up the middle, then a larger dome goes over it. The bottom of that large dome has several slits around the outside...there aren't several trees, its just one thing with several slits. This makes it stronger, and also is a more efficient use of the space because there are no gaps like there would be with trees.
    The 4 arm showerhead is like a 4 tree perk, but instead of just having 2 slits on the side and a bottom hole each arm has a small showerhead on the bottom with several slits on it...looks like maybe 6 each. The 4 arm showerhead will probably have the most diffusion of the choices. It also functions in the same way as a tree perk, just more diffusion on each tree.

    If you look at toro's circs or mgw's circs you may find a better picture of the perk and that may help you understand them better.

  3. Ok I understand a bit better now. Will there be much of a noticable difference between a 4 arm shower head and just a showerhead though?

  4. Most likely yeah, though I haven't tried them both so I can't say for sure. It really depends most on the total number of diffusion points as to how smooth it will be. If each arm has 6 slits, then there's 24 points of diffusion total, so if that is more than the showerhead then it will probably be smoother..the 4 arm will probably distribute the pressure better too, meaning that more slits on each showerhead will actually fire, so smoother hit.
    I would have to try them both to comment on drag, and at least see a video to really see if the 4 arm showerhead functions better than the regular one, but assuming the build quality is good then the stuff in the first paragraph would be true. If not then there may not be much difference at all.
  5. It's just a 4 arm tree with little showerheafs at the end of the trees instead of normal slits

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