Hurricane Gustav!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Blunt Killa 504, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I'm here in Southeast Louisiana and Gustav is starting to show some effects!! Hope this doesn't turn out worst than katrina! We still have power and shit so far but I don't know how longer that shit is goin to last!!
  2. be safe man, keep us posted
  3. im in florida, and used to these things. but if i lived in lou-weezy, id probably be the fuck out of there. good luck with all that shit. bubble wrap the bongs!
  4. why didnt you leave? this hurricane is no joke. suposed to be category 4 when it hits La
  5. I don't know my folks didn't!! we never do!! My whole street is here!! I'm across from the N.O. on the northshore!! Have alot of trees here!! Last time when katrina hit we was trapped on our street for like ah week!! until someone came wit ah fuckin chainsaw and made a one way path down the whole fuckin road which is like 2 miles long!! Look like jurastic park!! We have a fuckin generator now and no trees in the back yard so I should be ok IF the roof doesn't fly off!!
  6. hope youve got some bud, maybe a handle of some prefered liqour.
  7. yea im good!! i have a lb. of mid!
  8. I imagine that your posts are you shouting at us over the sound of high winds, thunder, and houses being ripped apart. "I'm good!! I have a pound of mid!"
  9. haha ohmygod I could move down there for the hurrican and smoke some weed and drink and watch that shit happen! bring an cannoo or jet ski and go through the streets! weehewww! meybe I could save somepeoples too:rolleyes:or go fishing!

    Get a shit ton of airmattresses dude and float all your shit!!!! TIE IT ALL TOGETHER AND MAKE AN AIRMATTRESS TRAIN! WITH A FUCKING KING SIZE BOOZE CABOOSE! woo! you could get plastic containers with lids and USE THEM A CARGO HOLDERS WEEEHEEHEEHEWW! you could get at least 3 on each one! GET WATERTIGHT ONES WITH THOSE SUCK ALL THE AIR OUT BAGS ! OH SHIT SALLEY none of your clothes will get wet!!!!!!!! wowwww!

    you could have a cannoo as a tug boat!!!

    ooooh my god! think if you could have a battle ship airmattres
  10. i would fish for human, then eatr them punks

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