Hurricane Dorian

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  1. Official word from the Bahamas is SEND BEER:

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  2. I'm in Florida on east coast. I'm boarded up and just waiting. Storm is going very slow. Plenty to burn and maybe enough snacks. Generator on deck for my grow tent when we lose power.
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  3. I thought they were saying it was going to turn and head up east coast instead of hitting Florida. Has that changed?
  4. No that's currently the forecast. We will still get hit just not cat 4 or 5 winds.
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  5. Best of luck to everyone in the path of the Hurricane. My thoughts an prayers are with you guys!!!!
    Stay safe everyone.

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  6. It won’t make landfall in fl . I’m betting more Carolinas .
  7. I heard Maine or Nova Scotia...
  8. Right...
  9. That's my local weather app

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  10. I’m trapped in Georgia send money, beer, and rations.
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  13. There's not going to be much left of Grand Bahama Island after a cat 5 sits there for two days.
  14. Cat 3 80 miles off the coast of me .. whhhhhhoooooooo
  15. I ended up with a few gusts of wind. Path was directly at my house at first. Boarded up and sat and waited. Kind of a Bust but happy no damage.
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