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  1. One my co-workers just invited me to go hunting deer this weekend. I always wanted to go hunting but have never done it. I was just wondering if anyone knows any good places to get rifles or bows(preferibly crossbows) that are cheap and are powerful enough to kill deer.
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    Dick's Sporting Goods is the only place I know offhand

    But are you looking to buy or rent? I mean, a beginner dropping hundreds of dollars on a crossbow on a whim is maybe not the best choice
  3. i'm pretty sure i want to buy. As i said i always wanted to go hunting but have been too lazy to go out. So if i buy the equipment i'm pretty sure ill go on a regular basis.
  4. it sound like youre doing this on a whim,

    do you have a hunting license?

    i wouldnt dare go out hunting anywhere these days without a license.

    besides that,

    it aint even deer season yet.

    hunting out of season without a license allows a game warden to strip you of your weapons, your kill, and impound your vehicle while you head to jail.

    might wanna be careful.
  5. yeah i know all about the hunting licenses and stuff.

  6. What about 'canned hunts'? You can still hunt on a ranch, but you pay for it in the end.

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