Hunter S. Thompson- Dress Up/Food?

Discussion in 'General' started by dpc1192, May 27, 2009.

  1. For my english class I have to dress up like Hunter Thompson and bring in food that "relates" in any way to his work..

    I'm thinking a hawaiian shirt if I can find one, one of those poker hats if I can find one, white shorts, high socks with converse, aviators, and some sort of hat.

    Wow, not really sure where I'm going to find all of that in 1 night.

    Oh and on to the food, I have no idea really... Maybe some sugarcubes and grapefruits?
  2. Don't forget that cigarette thingy.
  3. grapefruit works. maybe a bottle of pure adrenaline?
  4. Grape fruit with a decapitated Nixon head.
  5. dont forget a cig

    gotta be true to character :smoke:
  6. yea, dressin up like him jus make sure you rock the open hawaiin shirt and the cigarette with the holder (can get the holders at like, cvs for a dollar).

    as for food... hmm

    Bring a big bowl of punch or some lifesaver mints and say theres faux acid dropped on em
  7. Show up tripping hard on acid, u know caus u gotta stay in character right?
  8. dont forget the mescaline, coke, and ether.
  9. Definitely bring the grape fruit. Bring some "blotter" paper, a couple empty beer bottles as well. Make sure to keep this, along with all your school items for the day, in a satchel.
  10. Take a batch of brownies with oregano in them.
  11. Snort some coke then put on a Hawaiin shirt and have some cigarettes with you while you do your presentation.

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