hunger strike

Discussion in 'General' started by GotHeadies?, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. think if everyone who loved weed formed in washington and formed a hungervstrike it would be made somewhat legal?
  2. a bunch of starving pothead liberals?

    That's like a republicans wet-dream.
  3. wouldnt work... imagine a bunch of stoners marching in washington on a hunger strike while having the muchies...

  4. exactly what i was thinking, people would drop out slowly and the govt would just sit there laughing with some hookers in celebration
  5. heh yea no shit, what if we pulled some south park shit and said we had videos of the president with marissa thome (spelling?)
  6. what if we said that the president was attacking countries without the public's approvement and spying on everybody without permission and having other countries extradite dying stoners just to convict them...

    ohhh wait... the fucker already has.
  7. Same shit I thought when I saw this post.
  8. haha. stoners on a hunger strike? haha. i would last a minute and a half. We would march past a wendy's and soon there would be 2 people still marching and everyone else would be in line trying to get a doublestack. haha.
  9. then maybe the solution is to force the government's hand by taking over the snack food market! No junk food for any non-stoners until it's legalized!

    Or! have a sit-in in front of the capital. Bring enough weed, and no one would leave!... do you think places would deliver to the steps of congress?
  10. :cool: that made me laugh.

    and I love trailer park boys btw, hell of a show.

    Hunger strikes don't work with pot-heads. someone would break out a bowl and the rest would smell it.. and well, the mini-mart would be our of cookies.
  11. Can you imagine the face on the look of that store clerks face?

    thousands of stoned, giggly potheads looking for food... god help us all.

  12. lmfao my thought exactly.
  13. Marijuana hunger strike. What a brilliant oxymoron.

    That's like bombing for peace or fucking for chastity. Well, not really, but they're all pretty funny concepts.
  14. This thread is too funny.

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